For a project, I have to code a box with a light to do something. Part of that is creating a folio to show my progress. So I thought, what better way to do it than on my website. Some people will use Google Sites or Weekly but I decided to be different and use BlogEzy. If you are marking this, welcome! If you are not, also welcome!

This is a project by ethan eswaran


Mid-July 2021

Starting off

We learn that we will be learning about coding and lighting.


Learning About Coding

We start an online coding course on Python. Another language to add to my databank. :)


Creating The Folio

Hey! That's the present. We have to create a folio to track our project. That's what this is!


Researching Vivid

As part of our project, we have to research the vivid light show which is held every year apart from 2021. 


The Project Brief

We Learnt About What We Will Be Making


Design Sketches

I started sketching what I thought would be my light/storage


OnShape Prototype + Orthogonal 

I made my 3D TAS model and my orthogonal drawing on OnShape

Vivid Light Show

Vivid is where artists all come together to express their greatest works. It is so the people of Sydney can appreciate their work and what they do. To some people, it symbolises hope when there is no hope. This is shown even more during COVID. We get enjoyment even if we have to stay at home and watch it on TV.

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The Project Brief

We learnt about what we will be making for our project. The project brief is to design a light that can also function as a desk storage.

My First Design

This was my first design. I was originally thinking of doing a drawer with some small light strips inside but I thought it wasn't very creative so I moved on to my second one. This one was just like the one in my office desk but with lights.

My Second Design

This is my second design. I will be going with this one for my final design. I added measurements to this one. I will be doing a small paper and book holder. I also took inspiration from my office again. This one will also have a light at the end of it. Click on the image to see the full document. I recommend viewing the image on desktop not mobile. If you are using mobile download our app at

My 3D Model

My Orthogonal Drawing

Click on the image to see full drawing.